Quick facts

Name: Doland Public School 56-2 Address: 405 N. Humphrey Drive, Doland, SD 57436 (P.O. Box 219) Phone: (605) 635-6302 Fax: (605) 635-6504

 Athletics Mascot:  Redfield/Doland Pheasants (since 2009) School Mascot:  Doland Wheelers School Colors:  Blue and Black School Song: Pheasant Fight Song 

 Athletic Director and Superintendent:  Jim Hulscher 

Doland School Philosophy


The school seeks to develop fundamental skills, and encourages students to use these as building blocks for their future.  It is the goal of the Doland Public School to meet individual needs by offering college preparatory courses, vocational courses and technical courses.  The major responsibility of the school is to enrich the students' intellectual growth by providing the environment and climate for learning.

Each student should be treated as a unique individual with his/her own capabilities and background.  We shall strive to guide the individual in the development of personal interests, values, potential, and self-worth.

The role of the teacher is important in stimulating the individual to achievement and personal growth.  The personality, skills, and abilities of the classroom teacher are vital to the educational program.

The process of education is shared by the cooperation of the parents, school, community, church, and the student, in order to develop acceptable standards of social and moral behavior.  In accomplishing these goals, it is our intentions to equip students to become self-supporting and productive members of society


100 years of dhs memories

"Back In The Day"

The first school in Doland started in 1882 above the Bryan Drug Store. In 1883 D.P. Fargo built the first school building, but it wasn't until 1910 that students graduated from Doland with a four-year high school diploma. In 1923, Doland joined the North Central Associations of Colleges and Secondary Schools and has held continuous membership since that date.

"When We Started"

In 1887, the original building was enlarged 

to provide sufficient room for the combined grades and high school. This structure housed both elementary and high school until 1913, when a new school (now-standing) was built. 

In 1929, a gymnasium and auditorium were added with class rooms and study hall on 

the second floor.

"Addition to DHS"

A bond issue approved in April 1959 provided the 1962 north addition which still houses music, science, and FACS (Home Ec.). In 1966 an addition was added to the east. The old gym was converted into a lunch room and the new addition now housed the elementary and an auditorium. The auditorium was dedicated to Doland Alumnus, Hubert H. Humphrey, then Vice-President of United States.

How Did We Become the Wheelers?

Many teams are pictured and their athletic events are described in the first yearbook in the archives from 1918, although there is no mention of a team name. A story has been passed down through the generations that attributes the name "Wheelers" to the great amount of traveling the teams did in the early years, perhaps due to the lack of spectator space in the original Doland gym. One story relates how a local welder created wheel shaped medallions for all the members of the basketball team during the early 1920s.  Another story credits a coach whose last name was 'Wheeler' to the reason the teams became the Wheelers. There was also a coach named Hubbarb, nicknamed Hub, and he always stood in the middle when the players put theirs in and it looked like a wheel.

Article from the Evening Huronite: "Doland High Athletes Adopt New Title"

"Doland, Oct. 31, 1930 - Doland High School has decided to change the name of the athletic teams of the school from the 'Golden Eagles', the heading that they have gone under the past few years, to 'The Wheelers', due to the fact that the Aberdeen High School has the same name, and both schools being the same region. The name 'Wheelers' was taken due to the fact that the Doland High School athletic teams have been 'wheeling' right along, in a certain sense of the word, and that a wheel is a representative of many things such as speed, power, durability, and takes things as they come, easy or tough. The things that make up a wheel have to contain certain qualities and have to be more or less of equal strength, each part is in some way depending on some other parts, and have to be able to stand up under trying conditions and have coordination. The Doland Wheelers will play their first game under the new name against Readfield Pheasants today. This is the second time in the history of the two schools that they have met on the grid-iron; Doland winning from Redfield last year."

Prominent Alumni

Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – January 13, 1978)

Served under President Lyndon B. Johnson (1965-1969) as the 38th Vice President of the United States (DHS Class of 1929)

"To see some of those that were before me in school makes me feel that I am very much an art of the community that is called Doland." 

- Excerpt from speech at 

Doland High School, 1968

Dennis and Duane Koslowski, Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestlers

In 1988, Dennis and Duane Koslowski made the U.S. Olympic Greco Roman Team and competed in Seoul, Korea. Dennis Koslowski won the bronze medal. In 1992, Dennis made his second U.S. Olympic Greco Roman team and competed in Barcelona. Dennis won the silver medal.

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