Athletic Physicals will be done during the summer!

  They are still free.  Information was sent home with kids on Wednesday.  This is the clinic’s request.  If you have any questions contact Jim Hulscher at the school (635-6302) or the Redfield Clinic 

Doland Gym and Weight room


will be closed until at least July 8 due to the use of the facilities for storage and construction. 

The Doland Fitness Center is available at its temporary location for $25 for a 3 month pass if interested.  Students must be 16 to enter the fitness center on their own

BASEC Announces Youth Opportunity Loan Program


BASEC has long been offering youth livestock loans to residents in BASEC’s service area. Recently, the program was redesigned to include the opportunity to start any kind of business. Youth ages 12-21 in the BASEC service area (map can be found online at are eligible to apply. Funds can be used to purchase equipment, inventory, etc. All applications will require a co-signer and a business plan. Youth livestock loans are still available for those that are interested.

For questions or an application, please contact the BASEC office at 605-635-6165.

Doland School Supply List 2019-2020

Doland School Bricks For Sale